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In the spring of 2014, preliminary talks took place between the officials of BBRFC and Brussels Celtic. The discussion centred on whether Brussels’ two foremost international rugby clubs could finally reach an agreement and form one cohesive international rugby club that would be an enticing, forward thinking, international rugby home for male, female, touch and junior rugby players of all standards in Belgium.

There had been several attempts to bring the two clubs together in the past but differences of opinion meant that talks were never conclusive. In June 2014 the members of BBRFC and BCRFC finally voted unanimously for the two clubs to merge and an extremely promising future beckons.

The club runs 3 men XVs teams, 2 women team, a touch squad and a rugby school.

We welcome players from anywhere in the world, whether that be as close as Belgium or as far as New Zealand.

Should you be interested in joining the club or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact joining@bbrfc-celtic.be

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